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Jennifer Claire, Founder of The Celebrant Directory and the newly launched Academy of Modern Celebrancy shares her tips on how to become a celebrant.

In order to train as a celebrant, you need to find a training provider that fits in with your style of learning (online or residential). You need to decide if you want to train as a funeral celebrant or wedding celebrant or both.

Training to become a celebrant is one of the most exciting decisions you can make. You get to write love stories, meet couples and families and officiate ceremonies at the most poignant moments in life; birth, deaths and marriages.

Trends in ceremonies change daily just like trends in weddings do. No longer are standard ceremonies wanted, everyone wants to be unique and celebrate their life and love in their own way. This is the same when it comes to training. Training as a celebrant needs to fit within this modern world and be set up for the modern business owner. Training through distance learning is where it is at!

How much does it cost to become a celebrant

The cost of becoming a celebrant can vary greatly depending on what type of celebrant training you opt for and whether you opt for online training or a residential course.

A celebrant training course could cost anywhere between £700 and £3000.

There are other considerations too. You need to set your business once you have finished your training and become certified. You will need a budget for a website, a brand (logo and style) and marketing materials.

Average celebrant training cost:

  • UK – £1000
  • America – $1000
  • Australia –  $1000

How much do celebrants earn

Celebrants can earn anywhere between £100-£4000 a ceremony. It varies a lot depending on the type of ceremony and the type of client you work with. In Australia, Wedding Celebrants typically charge between $400-1000. In the US, it varies greatly between $150-$000.

I’ve coached wedding celebrants who have got over 100 bookings in a few months resulting in over £60,000!

Funeral celebrants can earn between £200-£400 a funeral service.

How much you earn is all dependent on how much work you put into your business. It is important to brand your business and market yourself in the right places. Visibility is key!

Celebrant Salary UK

In the UK, the average wedding celebrant can expect to earn between £20,000-£40,000 a year, but a poll of The Celebrant Directory Members showed that some can earn as much as £60,000 a year. Also, there are lots of ways to diversify your business for extra income.

How long does it take to become a marriage celebrant

This is dependent on the course you take. The Academy on Modern Celebrancy’s  course can take between 2-6 weeks, however residential courses can take a week’s full training and then assessments after.

Wedding celebrant training online

The Academy of Modern Celebrancy offers online celebrant training with a difference. The training with the academy gives you everything you need to become a successful celebrant. From writing to consultations, personalising to officiating on the day, nothing is left out. The academy also trains you business skills so you can get up and running fast.

I’m often asked  “what qualifications do I need to be a celebrant?”. My answer? You don’t need set qualifications but you do need certain personalities traits and a certain amount of confidence. Most of all, if you love weddings, getting creative, public speaking and taking the lead then this is the perfect profession for you.

Wedding celebrant course

As the founder of the Celebrant Directory, so many people have asked me whether I would be launching a wedding celebrant course, and now felt like the perfect time to launch the Academy of Modern Celebrancy.

The training focuses on

  • Planning a ceremony
  • Writing a ceremony
  • How to personalise a wedding
  • How to speak in public with confidence
  • How to market your business and set up for success

It is so focussed and each and every step is crafted so you can be the best celebrant you can. You are supported through the course the whole way and you’ll never look back. Being a celebrant is truly one of the most rewarding careers out there.

Want to become a wedding celebrant?

Find out more about the academy here

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Samantha Kelsie, UK Celebrant

Nikki Wood, Perfect Words Ceremonies

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Jennifer Claire is the Founder of The Celebrant Directory and lives and breathes all things ceremony! After officiating big days for 10 years, she now focuses on giving you the tips you need to create your perfect celebration.

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