How to have a perfect wedding kiss

Perfect wedding kiss

5 things you need to know about your ceremony kiss – you will be surprised!

I have witnessed hundreds of couples first kisses! They have varied hugely from a full-on snog to a turned cheek! Equally embarrassing for all! A couples first kiss is said to be the most important and meaningful one they will share. There will be much anticipation and excitement leading up to your first kiss as newlyweds, so this advice may be all you need.

Give some thought to your kiss.

The following tips will ensure all goes well and that your eager crowd of family and guests are not disappointed, nor indeed are you!

How to kiss or how not to kiss – that is the question?!

How to kiss is….

Well you will probably have kissed your partner a thousand times, in a hundred different ways and in a many different locations. Your wedding kiss however will be your first as a couple joined in a union! All eyes will be on you both when you embrace and join lips, in an action that tells the world and all watching that you are indeed one.

Perfect Kiss

1. Practice your kiss

Practice does make perfect and it will ensure that perfect ‘kiss moment’, that is applauded and remembered by your guests.

You will be the centre of attention whether you like it or not, so look forward to the moment and enjoy the rehearsals! Find the most comfortable position for you both and be mindful of your own comfort when showing affection in public! I offer all my couples advice during the planning stages of their ceremony but the key question I ask and emphasis time and time again is ”have you practised your kiss”?

2. Kiss in position and with poise

Your position and how you stand to kiss is key to a successful embrace and a memorable moment.

Nobody wants to witness a crash of heads, lips or bodies! A collision at this point will not bode well for a harmonious future as partners. Take your time and ‘savour the moment’ as you tease your guests and keep them waiting! Stand a comfortable distance from each other whether that is close or with space between you. Approach each other carefully and don’t rush – it is your moment to remember and savour as well as your guests.

• Be natural
• Be comfortable
• Be aware
• Be happy

Decide where to place your arms or hands as you embrace and then kiss.

Holding hands looks natural and photogenic.

Arms around the waist is also a good position to take.

Arms around the neck is another option, depending on your heights.

Your partner may even take your head in his hands.

Perfect Kiss4

3. Kiss with passion

Be passionate but discreet.

My advice to all my couples is, that, they will want to kiss, and will be ready to kiss! What they must decide is how appropriate that kiss or embrace will be. A turned cheek and ‘peck’ is not really suitable for such an occasion, as it is far too brief and lacking in emotion, and will surely disappoint your guests! A warm embrace and emotional kiss is quite acceptable and can be done with heads turned, so lips are not seen. I would not suggest a lingering tongue in the mouth snog however, but it might be just the right kiss for you both, and your guests may well be expecting nothing less!

4. Kiss with culture in mind

Be respectful and polite.

Some families and many couples are more reserved than others and an open display of affection may not be considered appropriate. But this is your ceremony and however reserved one has been until this moment in time, is it is the start of what should be considered a future relationship of intimacy and shared love. A discrete kiss will not disappoint. Indeed a well rehearsed ‘hug’ or even a warm embrace may be just right.

Your wedding will be bringing not just two new families together, but maybe two new cultures or social traditions. Your guests may not have experienced the style of ceremony you are proposing, but they will still be eagerly anticipating a kiss and will not expect to be embarrassed!

Take into consideration the feelings and beliefs of your key guests and try not to make them feel uncomfortable.

5. Kiss with children in mind

Your guests may include children; your own or others, who could be easily embarrassed. The last thing you want to hear are cries of ‘err’ or ‘yuk’ as you head, ‘head to head’ for that kiss. Also, elderly grandparents may feel embarrassed if you linger too long! Find a way of kissing that will not have your children squirming in their seats with embarrassment, making inappropriate noises to reflect their feelings! Strike a happy compromise.

Perfect Kiss2


Lots of practice will ensure you and your guests get what is expected and you both thoroughly enjoy the moment!

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