Real Handfasting Ceremony at Stonehenge Wiltshire


A Handfasting Ceremony at Stonehenge Inner Circle

Jessica and Philip celebrated their love with a special handfasting ceremony officiated by Glenda Procter known as the Queen of Handfastings.

Torrential rain did not dampen their spirits nor take away any of the romance and love that radiated between them. The rain-soaked them through and the umbrella they shared did little to keep them dry... but they had their love to keep them warm.

Glenda shared their story with us.


Real Handfasting Ceremony at Stonehenge Wiltshire


Many couples look on a Handfasting Ceremony within the Inner Circle at Stonehenge as the ultimate venue for their spiritual Handfasting.

Conducting a handfasting ceremony at Stonehenge within the Inner Circle is just so special. To be invited at short notice to create and perform a Handfasting ceremony for Jessica and Philip was a true honour. This beautiful couple radiated love and it was a pleasure to share their love and the rain!

How To Book a Handfasting Ceremony at Stonehenge

Stonehenge recommend me as a suitable specialist Handfasting Celebrant, and when Jess and Philip visited my website, they said they needed to look no further, as I was perfect for them. They had booked their circle access with very short notice, following a cancellation in Stonehenge's busy schedule.

Stonehenge Inner Circle booking site

We were clearly destined to meet and for me to be their Handfasting Ceremony Celebrant.  It transpired that we all lived in the same small seaside town. I originally presumed they lived in the USA as Jessica was American. It was Philip that recognized my telephone code. Coincidences and synchronicities followed throughout the planning.


Real Handfasting Ceremony at Stonehenge Wiltshire

Planning a Stonehenge Handfasting Ceremony

We met one evening in a local hotel. The planning of the Handfasting ceremony was effortless and such fun. Ideas and suggestions were shared, and by the end of the meeting, we had formulated a ceremony outline.

Jess and Philip liked the idea of a certain amount of surprise and entrusted me to do this. We chatted about their spirituality and the creation of their Handfasting ribbons. Woven into the Handfasting would be their hopes and dreams of a shared new life together.

During the following week, the handfasting ceremony was finalized, with Jess and Philip adding their own words of endearment and personal vows.


Real Handfasting Ceremony at Stonehenge Wiltshire

Handfasting day preparations

The day dawned early for all of us. Jessica and Philip arrived within minutes of me at the English Heritage Centre, with car wipers moving rapidly! I put on wet weather clothing under my ceremonial robe and held umbrellas as I helped them both into two of my robes. We then together, carried the besom broom, elemental basket and small alter table towards the Stonehenge visitors centre.

Whilst sitting travelling on the bus, out to the Stones, I asked Jessica and Philip what their anticipations were.

“We thought it would be fun and very special and meaningful.…more meaningful than any other ceremony we could think of! We are expecting to cry and we are going to get wet and it will be wonderful!”

Clearly, their spirits were undaunted by rain, wind or the prospect of getting soaked!


Stonehenge Handfasting 07.06.2019 Jessica and Philip 5 www.cloud9ceremonies.co

Besom Brooms, Robes and a Ceremony Table

Once inside the Inner Circle, I set up my elemental ceremony table and placed the besom broom against it. Jessica and Philip removed their robes and Jess revealed the most stunning beaded lace wedding dress. She looked beautiful and positively radiated love.  Philip was proudly by her side in a smart blue suit. They abandoned one umbrella and stood romantically sharing one. They were seemingly oblivious to the rain which dripped from their faces.


Stonehenge Handfasting 07.06.2019 Jessica and Philip 10 www.cloud9ceremonies.co


Standing together inside the Stone Circle, we were only aware of our own presence.
All the words of the Handfasting Ceremony echoed in their ears and around the Stone Circle. The beautiful words of love sent ripples of overwhelming joy and happiness through our very beings.

Jessica and Philip created their own vows and read them to each other from laminated cards. Personally, selected vows, pledges and words of endearment, made up the content of the ceremony.

They were truly celebrating a special kind of love and commitment to be with each other. Certainly, their love would keep them warm for all eternity.



A Ring Exchange in the Inner Circle, Stonehenge

Jess and Philip wanted this to be the occasion that they exchanged their Wedding rings. I blessed the rings and invited each of them to take one and hold it over their heart. At this moment, time seemed to stand still, as they gazed into each other’s eyes, exchanging love and healing energy. With shaking cold wet hands, they presented each other with their rings repeating words after me.

The moment will remain forever in my mind. It is indeed a true privilege for any celebrant, to witness and be part of such a pure and honest ceremony celebrating love.

Standing within the inner Stone Circle at Stonehenge with two people radiating and glowing with love was truly a very memorable and indeed magical memory. Grounding and meditating and having moments to be still and quiet are so important in a ceremony of this nature. We had a beautiful moment following the handtying when I invited Jess and Philip to hold each other. The kiss followed.


Stonehenge Handfasting 07.06.2019 Jessica and Philip 7 www.cloud9ceremonies.co

The Kiss

Jessica and Philip had been huddled together throughout the entire ceremony, exchanging little pecks on the cheek and lips and rubbing noses. When I invited them to seal their Handfasting with a kiss, they did so with such true heart centred love.

Jumping the Broom at Stonehenge

The rain eased slightly as the ceremony concluded with Jessica and Philip jumping over the besom broom, with Philip surprising Jessica by lifting her back over it again!  On reflection, it was difficult to comprehend what I had just witnessed… LOVE, pure love, radiating and glowing within the Stones and sending vibrations to our ancestors and past loved ones. It was as if all our past life experiences were drawn together and our ancestors joined us to celebrate within the circle. The inclement weather did nothing to damped the intimacy of the occasion.


Stonehenge Handfasting 8.06.2019 Jessica and Philip 4 www.cloud9ceremonies.co


The final words must go to Jessica and Philip,

“What Glenda does is far more than a 'service'…It is warm and human and sincere;  I imagine all her couples feel as we did. She is able to very quickly create a connection and tailor the Handfasting celebration accordingly. We can't thank her enough for making our day what it was.”

Ceremony photographs: by helpful American tourist Richard Bolton using the bridegroom’s camera.


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