Renewing your vows, made easy!

Renewing vows

Whatever your reasons for having a vow renewal ceremony, here at The Celebrant Directory we have pulled together the best possible advice to make renewing your vows as easy as saying, “I do”… again!

5 reasons renew vows

What is a renewal of vows ceremony?

We answer the most asked questions in this easy to follow Vow Renewal Ceremony Guide

  1. What is a Renewal of Vows ceremony?
  2. Is a Renewal of Vows ceremony legally binding?
  3. What will the Renewal of Vows ceremony include?
  4. Where can we have our Renewal of Vows ceremony?
  5. Do we exchange rings and vows again during the ceremony?
  6. Can we involve our children in the service?
  7. Will we meet our Celebrant before the service?

Renewal of vows 2

Reasons to renew your vows

So having gotten married, just why should you decide to go through the whole wedding ceremony thing again? Well here are our top five great reasons to renew your vows

Top vow renewal destinations worldwide

Having decided to renew your vows, you now need to decide where to hold your ceremony. Perhaps it will be at the original location you got married or you may choose your family home or a favourite hotel. Just remember that these days the world is your oyster so before making any decisions, check out our for 20 of the most romantic vow renewal spots around the world

Renewal of vows 34

Celebrant low-down on renewing your vows 

Next we asked three lovely Celebrants for their advice on renewing your vows.

In part one of our Celebrant interviews, the wonderful Tanya Jones tell us what happens during a ceremony where an already married couple, reaffirms their commitment to each other.

Part two of the Celebrant interview series, finds fabulous Ruby Beech explaining how the whole family can be included in a unity ceremony – including the pet pony!

And part three  of our Celebrant interview trilogy sees the awesome Sarah Baker giving the low-down on her experience of vow renewal ceremonies.

Renew vows on a budget3

Renewing your vows on a budget

So by now you’ve read all about the hows and the whys but you may not have the wherewithal to hold a large scale vow renewal ceremony.

No problem! Here at the Celebrant Directory, we have thought about that too with our excellent on renewing your vows on a budget

Renewal of Vows italy

Real vow renewal ceremony

We couldn’t leave without an example of some real vow renewal ceremonies.

In our first real vow renewal ceremony we see a Belgian couple travel all the way to Spain for their dream affirmation ceremony after 30 years of marriage.

Our second real vow renewal ceremony finds a couple renewing the vows they made on a whim in Las Vegas with a meaningful ceremony in Bristol, UK one year after their marriage ceremony.

beach wedding 1934732 1920

Follow your dreams! Follow your heart! And follow our link to a list of vow renewal Celebrants just waiting to create your perfect ceremony!

Banner photo: Jack Hartley


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