Lynn led our wedding ceremony in September 2017. From early on we loved her sense of humour, her energy, and the fact that she was open to accommodating even our maddest ideas! We wanted a mixture of traditions and cultures, and she did a great job of researching ideas and suggesting how to incorporate them……..She led the perfect ceremony – it was relaxed, honest and full of humour, but solemn and respectful at the right moments. She managed to express why we loved each other and were getting married in words that we could not have said ourselves, and told some great stories along the way (and gazumped the speeches!). The ceremony had exactly the warm, fun and quirky feel we had hoped for, and so many people told us how lovely it was, that it fitted our personalities really well and set a great atmosphere for the rest of the day. Lynn did an amazing job of creating something perfect for us, but I get the impression she is very adaptable and able to bring out whatever suits the couple she is with. We would happily recommend her to others getting married.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 7:58 am

    Thank you, Lali. It was an honour to create your ceremony. I loved having to get to know about wedding traditions from the Hindu culture to include in your ceremony. The mix made it unique indeed.

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