We had the best day on 14th July! We were obviously very concerned that the day went well for our children and parents (having already been officially married on our own in Las Vegas) but had comparatively few expectations for ourselves! However, we felt the proceedings were the perfect blend of emotion and ceremony. You managed to capture the essence of our relationship and our journey in just a few conversations, in person but mainly online as we live in NYC. I was particularly impressed that our coffee meeting translated so faithfully into the story which you eventually used in the ceremony. It needed very few tweaks! Our vows and secret words, plus additional “standard” exchanges which we were able to choose, made it very much about us as a couple.Although the four children were initially sceptical about the “tying the knot” part of the ceremony, they enjoyed being such an integral part of the day and were moved by its symbolic nature. A little bit of magic thrown in for the other guests too!We felt completely confident that you had everything under control and the ceremony was faultless. We had many, many comments later on about how lovely the ceremony was so thank you very much for making our day so very special.

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