From the moment you stepped into our home and joined the family for a cuppa to talk about our dear mum’s life, we knew we had the right person, and we’d like to thank Wendy for recommending you to us.

It’s not an easy thing to do – to talk about your mum when she has so recently passed away, but it’s something you made so effortless as you gently and tenderly encouraged us to bring to life all the memories we have of her. It helped us tremendously to remember all the good times we’d spent with her and we found ourselves laughing more than getting upset. It was a welcomed release for all of us. Thank you so much.

The ceremony itself on the day was beautiful, and you looked after the whole family throughout. We know that mum would’ve loved you! You told her story with empathy, sincerity and the perfect amount of laughter; because our mum was funny and made funny comments during her long life. You captured that brilliantly!

Thank you, Di, for your warmth and professionalism, for looking after us and for giving us the perfect way in which to say goodbye to our dear mum.

Dawn Howorth & Sarah Hyde and their families

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