Hi Michelle, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful ceremony. You made it the perfect tribute to my father. Everybody agreed wholeheartedly that you were perfect. You brought exactly the right amount of gravitas but at the same time were very spontaneous and brought joy to the moment as we remembered dad together as you spoke. The timing was perfect as well.
All of my brothers were worried that maybe you wouldn’t read it as they would have but they all agreed you did it better. Had you learnt some of it by heart? it seemed as if you had.
I feel honoured to have met you and am so glad I chose you. From the moment you came to the house though I felt serene that it was going to go well. And lastly, your messages really made the difference to mum and I.
Love and best wishes for all you do. Please keep in touch and if you ever come to Milan, give me a call xxx
Ps. My sister-in-law said he was the best funeral she had ever been to (and she’s been to a lot.)

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