We feel incredibly lucky to have found Stewart as our celebrant and we simply never expected to meet someone so funny, kind, insightful and supportive who invested so much time in our ceremony. Frankly the value for money you get from a celebrant like Stewart is amazing when you compare it to other suppliers. We were put in touch with Stewart through another celebrant who was unable to meet our date and put a notice up on a celebrant forum to help us out – Stewart was available and her number one recommendation. I am still so delighted that this serendipitous connection was made because in all other ways Stewart was perfect for us, it seems as if we must have carefully researched and found him. At the time my wife and I were planning our wedding we were living in different countries for work and we were under a great deal of stress with the visa process and our jobs. Stewart was unbelievably patient as we frequently took weeks to respond to his messages and he really held our hands with sharing the stories that formed the basis of the ceremony when we were both fairly distracted. Stewart even met up with my wife in New York which was amazing!When Stewart first read us the ceremony a few days before the wedding I was both moved and completely surprised. Coming from a Catholic background I was used to very dry Church ceremonies and this was so vibrant and meaningful. I was nervous that it was so focused on ‘our story’ (the Catholic guilt kicking in) but Stewart reassured me. That’s another great thing about Stewart, he spent so much time getting to know us that by the time of the ceremony he could tell when I was nervous and worrying. It was a huge support.On the day of the wedding Stewart was stuck in grid-locked traffic due to the M25 being completely shut down for many hours. It was touch and go for him to arrive in time but Ingrid and I never knew any of this. In fact Stewart only revealed to us recently that he had to explain to the police his driving as he bypassed the last of the traffic in Hampton Court to make it to the venue with mere moments to spare. When we arrived we met a serene and smiling Stewart looking very handsome in his tuxedo; little did we know the efforts he had made not to let us down.The ceremony itself was beautiful. I was unsure how everyone would enjoy such a personalised service, with Stewart sharing our story and messages to our friends and family, plus a fair few jokes too. So many guests came up to us on the day and in the weeks following to say that the ceremony was their favourite part of the wedding. Guests laughed and cried. Stewart did an amazing job and we cannot thank him enough. We have already told him that he will have to preside over any future ceremonies in our lives and my Mother wants the whole family to use him! We love him so much he is featured on our wedding thank you card and I shouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on my mother’s mantelpiece too. We highly recommend Stewart O’Sullivan – celebrant superstar!

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