My first meeting with Russell was at my sisters on a weekday afternoon to talk about our mums life, her triumphs, her loves and all her precious moments and her greatest love our dad and us kids. We instantly connected with Russell, as we all talked about mum, from being children to adults and all the fun we had in between, over tea and cake with brother & sister on speaker phone. He made us all feel so relaxed as if we have known him all our lives, like he was part of us and as if mum had picked him herself. From our stories Russell got to know mum well, how caring and loving she was, the greatest love of her life was our dad and they were married for 54 years and were an excellent team at bringing up 7 children. Russell remembered it all he listened to us all that day, he captured her, brought her to life in the pages of the service that he had written for her, he didn’t miss a thing. As a family he helped us, more than he will know, with our grief, giving us support when we needed it, at the end of a call, email or text. He was never too far away, helped with our order of service the music for mum & assisted with our personal messages on the day. He gave us time as a family to say our last goodbyes, he gave us the strength when we had little ourselves, support when we felt crushed and hope that we as a family would get through our saddest of times. I think of Russell often with great fondness that a person can be so giving and bring so much comfort to families and individuals that have lost their loved ones. Russell you have a gift you truly do and I and my huge family are eternally grateful to you. Thank you Russell much love Lesley xx

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