We have recently completed a long step parent adoption process and wanted a celebration! We contacted Wayne after reading the reviews all of which stated that Wayne provided a unique and personal service, which is exactly what we were looking for. As we were already a family unit it was hard to put into words the kind of service we wanted, my husband isn’t a religious person so we didn’t want a service full of Bible readings but most definitely wanted our three children to know that they are a blessing to us. From the little information we provided to Wayne with the service we were looking for he went on to create the most beautiful heart-felt service, filled with love & laughter Wayne read poems he had collected from our two girls directly to Dad, tears of happiness were shed from all who were present, everyone who had attended all complimented the service Wayne had provided saying how beautiful it was. To finish our service Wayne presented us with three beautiful certificates with our new family name, it was the perfect end to the perfect ceremony. I would most definitely recommend Wayne to anyone, he truly was amazing! Thank you so much, with love The Canning’s

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