Thank you so much Jill for providing the best possible service for my mom. From the very first moment we spoke we felt at ease, you wrote us a lovely service with compassion and care. You went the extra mile to make sure the service was exactly how we wanted it to be with phone calls and messages. Thank you for speaking to my young daughter after the service to tell her how brave she had been and how her nanny would have been proud. I would 100% recommend Jill to provide a caring, emotional and light hearted service – just how my mom would have liked it xxxx

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  1. Anonymous on 10/09/2020 at 7:28 pm

    Thank you Lisa xxx in these difficult times it was lovely that we managed to zoom so that we could all see each other xxx learning about your Mom made me laugh and cry and writing her service was beautiful x Thanks for the privilege of taking your Mom’s service , I’m just so sorry that your mom was taken way too soon x Hugs to you all xxx

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