I know everyone says that their wedding day was the best day of their lives and our day was definitely the best of our lives!Karen was excellent, from when I first made contact, to visiting her with my (now) husband and the 2 boys (who can be distracting) she was brilliant, she took the time to get to know us, played with the kids (3 and 1) and it all came across beautifully in the script.Most of my family had only ever been to church or registry weddings and lots of people commented on how lovely the whole thing was, and it really came across like Karen knew us, which she did.I got to see the script and make some little changes and I’m so glad I knew what was going to be said because I was able to live in the moment and enjoy both our guests reactions and my husbands, I had kept the script secret from him. I felt like I wasn’t missing out on what she was saying because I already knew it.Karen was so so good, I feel lucky to have found her because she made the ceremony, she spoke clearly, engaged with us and the guests and it was all so natural.Her idea of getting the kids to “sign” as our witnesses with their fingerprints was brrilliant, well prepared with wipes so there was no mess on any clothes (especially the white dress!)She even had a little present for the boys at the end of the ceremony, she’s definitely in their good books, haha!Thank you Karen, when we renew our vows (any excuse for another day like that) we’ll be back in touch xBig lovethe Else family xx

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