Charlotte! You were and are amazing! You blew us and everyone else away with how you planned and conducted the ceremony! We can’t stop talking about it and also our experience with you! You made the entire thing personal, romantic and just all over wonderful! People were commenting on how fantastic you and the ceremony were all night! A lot of the feedback was basically ‘it was the most romantic, heartfelt ceremony we’ve seen! And just you and Shaun to a T’I’m paraphrasing but something like that! Not far off really.So again, thank you!!!!!On top of being fantastic on the day, our all round experience with you was above and beyond. You made us feel at ease and were able to cope and adapt to our personalities to help us come up with fantastic ideas for our crazy, feminist and unique ceremony. You made us feel calm in an incredibly stressful time and we cannot thank you or recommend you enough. You are damn good at your job and other couples would be insanely lucky to have you shape their day!

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 4:30 pm

    And the two of you were amazing too! You gave me the loveliest stories to work with and you were so honest and open with me – credit for your beautiful ceremony goes to the two of you and your gorgeous relationship. Thank you so much for the review though – it does make me very happy to know the ceremony hit the spot for you. Sending you both so much love. Xxx

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