When it comes to “the big day” you want nothing short than exceptional …. and that is exactly what we received.Ruby was charming, charismatic and genuine… aspects of a person that are seldom found today. She took the time to thoroughly piece together a story that spanned seven years and deliver it to a congregation filled with our loved ones. I, the groom, found that holding back the tears during Ruby’s rendition of our love story was one of the hardest requirements of the day – what Ruby delivered was beautiful. She engaged with all people who were present and even helped me and the merry bunch of groom’s men with their button holes – is there anything she can’t do? The feedback that we received from those in attendance was brilliant and they informed us about how much they enjoyed listening to an incredible orator deliver something with such passion – this is 100% echoed by the Bride and Groom.Thank you, Ruby. You were a major part of our special day and we will be certain to look back over everything that you did with huge smiles. The pack that you provided will be a keep safe forever!! Joshua and Jennifer

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 2:11 am

    A privilege to be part of your dayRuby B x

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