When we planned out our Handfasting structure, Tina and Dani were so accommodating and insightful – making us feel our wishes were respected and appreciated and overall cherished as they planned to perform a ceremony that was so special to us. On the day Tina took us both through the ceremony structure once more so that we would feel reassured and to check if any changes needed to be done. She made a very welcoming opening speech to greet all our family and friends, and to introduce our ceremony for those who do not follow the same customs. With her welcoming and caring conduct, she made all those present feel the love we were feeling for each other and for each one of our treasured guests. And all this without feeling too wooden or formal which is what we wanted. We wanted it to be natural and from the heart. We were guided effortlessly through each stage of our Handfasting and Tina spoke clearly for all to hear as she encouraged everyone to count to three as we jumped the broom together. The entire ceremony was performed with such joy and grace and we both felt Tina and Dani absolutely loved being our celebrants and celebrating the joining of our lives.

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