Having followed Liz’ business for the last 18 months or so, we already had a clear idea of the high standards Liz sets for herself, and these high standards become even more apparent once we booked her Wedding Celebrant services and commenced working together. We already shared Liz’ views on impersonal, conveyor-belt type weddings, and knew we didn’t want this, and so Liz taking the time to talk to us about our relationship and to learn about us as people was something we appreciated greatly. The ideas we had for our wedding were for it to be a close, personal and intimate affair as neither of us particularly crave the limelight, and Liz complimented this notion perfectly, demonstrating a genuine interest in getting to know family members names and some basic background on family dynamics – which was important to me, having a blood, step and half family. Occasions such as weddings can be touchy subjects and have to be handled with an air of consideration in such families, and Liz taking the time to get to grips with this was greatly appreciated. We loved the informal and relaxed approach Liz took as this helped make us both feel at ease and comfortable at a time when naturally, we were both quaking at the knees. The ceremony itself was performed and executed by Liz with professionalism and great diligence, with the final wording being perfectly attributed to our relationship – incorporating deep thought with bouts of humour. Just the perfect mix to keep our guests entertained and engaged. Since the wedding, we have been complimented many, many times on the ceremony – which we can only pass all credit to Liz for. We really couldn’t have wished for a better service or more importantly, a genuinely lovely human being and now friend to have been such a huge part of our day. Thank you Liz – you were awesome! 

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 10:52 pm

    Lou and Lynz, what can I say, your testimonial is lovely. I really enjoyed getting to know you both and to have become friends over time has been a lovely bonus. Happy days and thanks again x

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