I honestly couldn’t imagine a better or more fitting narrative for my father than the one you so unerringly put together. After Alex had read your script, he turned to me wonderingly and said, ‘It is amazing that she has caught the essence of Dad without ever having met him’-and his observation was exactly right. You had asked us just the questions that would allow us to conjure up his life to you and you must have listened to our answers so attentively. We really appreciate both your level of commitment and your talents. Then, too, your reassuring presence and natural delivery of the words you spoke made the service so much easier than I expected. Everyone who attended the ceremony told us how much they had been moved by it. One woman, the wife of a taxi driver who had often driven my father to hospital, came up to me to say that she now knew exactly what kind of funeral she wanted. I think that even my traditionalist uncle –who had been earlier grumbling about the absence of hymns–was entirely brought round by the simplicity and dignity of the service. So thank you so much, Adele, for making what could have been a painful and worrying experience into a day that we will cherish as truly marking the love and respect we have for my father.

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