Claire, you were amazing. Giles and I didn’t know our arse from our elbow when it came to weddings! We were so consumed with getting from Sydney to Brighton with the Children we sort of overlooked the ceremony. We had no ideas on what we wanted, we just knew what we didn’t want and thank goodness, I (not we, I am taking all the credit) found you because your guidance helped us achieve a wonderful wedding ceremony, something no one had seen before, my dad was so blown away he said in his speech “I’ve never been to a ceremony like that before, it was so special”
It was personable, fun, full of laughter but also romantic and full of love at the same time. Without you we would not have had any vows or singing, I loved the singing! You were truly amazing and as my mum said “Claire can be our family celebrant, whenever someone marries, has a child or dies”
Thank you Thank you Thank you. Sammy, Giles, Milo & Bodhi xxx

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