Due to my husband needing unexpected heart surgery we had to cancel our wedding whilst he spent a month in hospital recovering. We then managed to find a last-minute wedding venue and found Susan through recommendations on the internet. Susan was very understanding of our situation and assured us that we would be able to put the wedding together in time and that she would be happy to act as our celebrant (despite the late notice). We filled in a questionnaire for Susan then met her in a lovely, local country pub (at her suggestion). Whilst there we had coffee and a long chat about our relationship, what we wanted from our marriage, who was important to us and gave her information about our day. She then used this information to write us a very personalised wedding script. This was sent to me within a few days and we worked together to edit and change this where necessary. Susan then came to our wedding rehearsal and did a full run through with our bridal party. Thank you for providing us with such a personalised service Susan!

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