Dear Sarah. The ceremony was perfect and in keeping with what we all hoped it would be e.g devoid of sombre related comments relating to the last year of Pat’s life .We needed it to be a celebration from start to finish and that’s what we got.The humour came cascading through,which I think added warmth and a glow to the occasion.I know this was very hard for them to do given the loss of P, devoted mother and wife, whose death remains at the foremost of all our minds. She would have been very proud of them, as would P, as I am sure all the close family members are. This pride was duly enhanced when you led all who came to the service to stand and clap their hands. I must say I have never ever witnessed such a happening at a funeral service before. Thank you for that. Also your delivery of “P’s Story” was all that I could have wished for. It was very dignified and respectful in tone and given with excellent timing.The written inclusion of the poem “Look for me in Rainbows”, on the back page of the service order, I find very very uplifting and I am sure it will be the focus of loving memories every time we see one in the sky. This was your suggestion I recall. Finally I think you should be made aware that during the celebration at the Shepherds Arms one of my friends approached me and said it was the best funeral service he has ever attended.The feedback we have received from family and friends is the service was wonderful.I think true to say we were indeed comforted by the occasion.That you for the part you played.Kind regards Geoff

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