Words are not enough to describe how wonderful Louisa was in helping us design and perform our wedding ceremony (19th May 2018-Royal wedding day) and how thankful we are for her expertise, guidance, genuine care and commitment. We planned everything from Australia by FaceTime and despite the time zone differences Louisa somehow managed to make it work!Louisa designed an amazing ceremony for us; she really took the time to get to know us and get a feel for our personalities, families and our relationship. She intuitively was able to create something so special, intimate and personalised; our guests made many comments on how genuine, touching and full of humour and pathos was the experience and how Louisa seemed to capture us so perfectly- as if a fond friend who knew us well (Quote: “your celebrant was amazing!”)Louisa navigated so capably between the light hearted and the serious and spoke with such warmth- adeptly incorporating our young daughter into proceedings and putting her at ease. Louisa wasn’t afraid to put herself out there either and go with the moment – at one stage mimicking my partner’s northern accent; at another giving her best Columbo impersonation! (his favourite show).Upon meeting Louisa in person on the actual day of our wedding I felt immediately compelled to throw my arms around her and give her a massive hug as her lovely face beamed back at me, full of joy.I can’t recommend this talented lady enough. Her calm demeanour, kindness, experience and capability will settle even the most nervous and I have no doubt she will make anyone else’s day as unforgettable as she did ours.A heartfelt thank you!

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