Hi JacquiI would like to thank you for giving Mum such a lovely tribute on Wednesday. It was very moving, your ideas and wording were perfect and went down really well, I am so happy you conducted Mum’s Ceremony. I would like to pick out the time that you turned to speak to Mum and spoke in German, it was lovely.At least 3 people asked me who had written the poem about Mum and I said that you had and they were very impressed, you got a great feel for her as a person. I loved the gesture at the end with the Quality Street, and again I was asked whether I knew about it and I said that was a total and lovely surprise to me. Thank you. I will cherish the memory.Also, there were only family at the Wake and your words prompted stories and events that we had probably never discussed before, and I think that was because the words you spoke were accurate, yet kind, so this too, was a first and a lovely occasion and we had some laughs together.Thank you very much, Jacqui and thank you for the card and folder.Kath x

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