“Glenda made us feel so special and unique, as if we were the only couple she worked with! It was a very intense and emotional Handfasting experience, never to be repeated, but always to be remembered. We really will cherish our time with Glenda, she went to so much trouble to guide us through the process and gave us things to take away, which was very unexpected. The setting was beautifully dressed, so much attention to detail. Loved every minute. xx Wendy Collyer

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    This Handfasting for Darren and Wendy was just one of 8 conducted at the festival on this particular day. Each couple had my total attention, whilst I held the ‘space’ for them to become fully absorbed and enveloped in their love. Most festival Handfasting are intimate and only include the couple and a few friends, making it very personal and emotional indeed!

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