“Glenda made us feel instantly comfortable and at ease, she took time to really connect to us both individually then as a couple. Our ceremony was perfect and went without a hitch! ❤️ Absolutely a day we will never forget thanks to her. A special moment in a special place.Thank you Glenda. Valerie Millard

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    Valerie and Christian had a full Handfasting Ceremony that had been booked and planned ahead of the festival event. They chose their own personal vows and readings as well as personal words of endearment. I remember this ceremony as it was the very last full ritual of Handfasting I conducted at the festival. Their ceremony included a sharing of cake and drinking from a loving cup. The ceremony ended with them jumping the besom broom. All future Handfastings at this festival will be ‘walkins’ with on extra’s, only a simple tying of hands.After all my years of experience conducting Handfastings, I just love these new simple Handfasting ceremonies. They truly connect me to my couple and I can draw upon my own spirituality and hold the sacred pace for a truly warm and beautiful experience.

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