Lucy and I were really excited about getting married and were completely buzzed with organising the whole wedding. We knew exactly what we wanted, and we wanted the same thing – except for in one area: the ceremony. One of us wanted a sincere and somewhat serious ceremony; one of us wanted a fun and playful ceremony. We had no idea how to breach this divide. We spoke to three potential celebrants, but it was clear that Liz, was best placed to help us navigate through our different view and create a successful ceremony.From the beginning Liz was heartfelt yet professional; a difficult balance to strike! We felt that she completely understood us and what we wanted and we were relaxed in her professional hands. She had a process that she guided us through, but was also completely flexible too. That balance is what made us feel that we could completely trust her and that she was listening.Our ceremony was perfect, just what we wanted. It had the right blend of sincere (but not tacky) moments, and a great deal of lightness and laughter. We feel that the congregation knew more about us as a couple, laughed at a lot of the journey we had been on together, and then took part in our journey into becoming married. Liz had a great idea to involve our mums as well as our dads in the ceremony, which we loved, and of course enabled our beloved dog to be part of the ceremony too.If we were to get married again we wouldn’t change a thing about the ceremony or working with Liz.

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  1. Avatar Anonymous on September 10, 2020 at 10:41 pm

    Ellie and Lucy, Thank you so much! That’s an amazing review, it was a wonderful way to begin the New year Celebrations and you were both wonderful, Teddy was a little star too xx

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