Lindy!I am without words, remembering how I, and Steve, felt listening to your recorded message! I had no idea you had done that!I was crying the whole time, and found out later most of our guests were sobbing as well (in a really good way!). Our ceremony was absolutely perfect, due in very large part to what you wrote, and said. We used the same vows we used in the handfasting, and our friend Sarah (whom you met) had retyped them for us. Her typos (because we hadn’t proofread!) provided some really great comedy too, lol! Thank you again, though that really isn’t enough. And please please, if anyone ever wants a reference, you should absolutely give them our emails, and/or my phone number if they would like to call. We would love to tell everybody how amazing our handfasting was, AND our legal ceremony, because of everything you’ve done for us. We love you, and we do hope to see you again, some time soon!Abby & Steve Downey

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