I have been married to my husband seven years this year, our wedding was quite simple and not as personal as we would have liked it. I had been thinking about renewing our vows for a long time with the view of arranging it and keeping it a secret from my husband and then when everything was arranged I would give him an invitation to join me, hoping he would say yes of course which he did. I know most couples arrange something special like this together but knowing my husband like I do, it was something I knew that he would be happy with.I met Sarah through her Facebook Grecian Ceremonies page. The first time we met I knew we would get on really well. Sarah is a lovely lady, down to earth and easy going and most of all professional. The nice thing about her that inspired me was that she puts the client and their wishes first, she listens because she wants it to be your very special day and not some promotional thing for her. She lives on the island so knows great places for the ceremonies she conducts and can make suggestions if you are struggling to decide on a location. I told her what I would like to do, say and basic surrounding and we worked well together to sort that part out with a lot of input from Sarah which was much appreciated. She has a great (shall I say) imagination and can make your day fun, quirky, totally romantic, serious whatever you want it to be. Ours was a great mixture of all of those and she makes it work so well, she gives her all and she absolutely enjoys seeing the happiness in her clients faces. She arranged the photographer and videographer for us too. We didn’t know exactly what she had set up for us when it came to the actual vow renewal ceremony itself as I had left her to do her best and she did just that. I would recommend Sarah very highly for any of her ceremonies because she has a great passion for what she does and for making couples happy, it is a special gift she has that you probably would not find elsewhere. She lives and loves what she does, her commitment is outstanding. Finally, after our special day we gained a friend in Sarah and that also is something special.

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