We found Jeannene online due to being let down by our church a few months before our wedding day. We were in absolute panic and stressed out of our minds and begun to think who would make our special day as magical and poignant as we had wanted. From the moment we got in touch and made contact with Jeannene via The celebrant directory it was seamless and effortlessly calm. This therefore filled us with a sense of ease as we knew were dealing with a professional and in safe hands. From the initial meeting we felt so comfortable and her ingenuity shone through like a breath of fresh air. We therefore knew she would be a perfect fit and are both big believers in everything happens for a reason. She was just the person we had been praying and hoping for ! Along the way Jeannene continued to encourage us to not be shy in incorporating all of our ideas big or small throughout the ceremony. She continually advised and consulted us in the short time we had to complete everything to make sure all of our wishes would be fully reflected in every word and aspect of the ceremony. This allowed our day to be even more special and meaningful as everything that was said was deliberate and specific to our desires. Not only was Jeannene a delight and absolute pleasure to work with in the short time frame we had , so much so she made us feel like she had been always involved in our wedding day from the beginning. Our guests were taken on a love journey and reminded of our solidarity with Jeannene which made our ceremony very emotional and evermore meaningful. Our day would never have been as special and magical if not for our guests being able to connect with her. It would not have been a Yuen wedding without her and she will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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