“I met Justine at a networking event and knew instantly I wanted her to officiate at our wedding (just to note, I wasn’t even engaged at this point – just lining things up ;)!). I hadn’t even considered a celebrant led ceremony and when we finally had engagement rings on fingers Justine was the first “supplier” we met with. The ceremony was so important for us – we hadn’t even found a venue! She talked us through the differences, what we could and couldn’t do having a registrar there – she made it really simple. So, some two years later, June 23rd 2018 Justine delivered our ceremony which admittedly I was nervous about – it was the centre point to the entire weekend – why everyone was there first and foremost. But it was simply perfect – not only was it held outside under glorious blue skies, but she touched the hearts of everyone. It really was a service purely about Sharon and I, about our journey, about love which had all 40 of our guests in tears at some point. Justine walks the walk and talks the talk. She delivers from the heart – her charisma, manner and whole persona is just perfect for the job she does. Funny, respectful, inclusive, quirky – it was just so very “us”. She got our essence and our story and exactly how we wanted the ceremony to be (actually no – she superseded all expectations – it was beyond anything we had ever imagined). She is immensely likeable – one of those women you totally respect and just want to kick your heels off with at the end of the day and have a glass of wine with. She’s fun. Personable. Real. The total opposite of our experience at the registry office – something I am so glad we separated out (we wouldn’t have been able to be outside at our venue for one!) Simply put, Justine made our day. Yes the setting, the dresses, the food, the fizz, family and friends were all great, but over a month later it’s still Justine and “that service” that everyone is STILL talking about…”

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