My husband Ewan and I found Julie Lane during a Google search for celebrants to officiate our London wedding ceremony in July 2018. We had actually already decided that we wanted our close US friend, Heather, to be our wedding celebrant. This was important to us as we met at Heather’s wedding in New York in 2007, but also because Heather and I are Jewish and we wanted Heather to incorporate Jewish wedding traditions into our day. However, we also wanted a UK-based celebrant to work with Heather and lead the service and include the right words and customs for a UK wedding. Before meeting Julie Lane, one thing that appealed to us was the fact that Julie comes from a background of working as a wedding registrar so we felt she would already have a good understanding of what we wanted and needed. After our first phone call with Julie, we knew for certain that she would be the best choice for us. We asked lots of questions and also explained how we would want her to share the job with Heather. Julie was extremely accommodating and also seemed excited by the opportunity. Over the 2-3 months following the initial phone call, Julie followed up with us on a regular basis to see how we were getting along with the planning. We had a phone call with the four of us that was a fun experience and afterward Julie put together a solid script for our ceremony based on the rough outline we had created together. From that point we each had our own parts we needed to develop and complete. Julie would regularly check-in to remind us of what was due, and she always was upbeat, very positive and light-hearted. She was even available for an early morning phone call the day we learned that England’s quarter-final World Cup match would kick off at the exact same moment that our ceremony was scheduled to begin – she talked us off the ledge and convinced us that we didn’t need to change the start time of our wedding and try to shuffle 20 vendor schedules to accommodate guests who might want to watch a football game! 🙂 Meeting her on the day was wonderful – she was just perfect and did an amazing job as our celebrant. So many guests commented that the service was beautiful and very personal. We would recommend Julie to anyone who is getting married and wants the less traditional route of using a house of worship or registrar’s office. Thank you, Julie – our ceremony was so special – and we have you to thank for that. And in the year+ since our big day we’ve really enjoyed getting to know her more through Instagram, Facebook and text. She’s become a friend in our lives that feels very special.

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