We had an unusual situation in that our veue didn’t have a wedding licence when we originally booked and so, I organised Louisa after finding her on instagram and being drawn in by all the colourful photographs and selfies (!) to do a ceremony for us and we were going to do the registry office thing beforehand. But in the interim months, our venue was granted its licence and so then, we were stuck with what to do; we had to use the registrars but I was really apprehensive about the ceremony feeling generic and unpersonal, so I kept with Lousia and worked with her and the venue to come up with a way to blend the two things.After the official ceremony which was the shortest we could make it (!) – both too shy to stand up there with a lot to say, so we chose the minimal vows, everyone went into the room next door for drinks and nibbles, and then we all reconvened in the ceremony for the celebrant-led part, which I was nervous about because I didn’t want guests to be confused by ‘two ceremonies’. My partner isn’t a massive touchy-feely person and had really dragged his feet about filling in the questionnaire for Louisa, and so everything was really last minute – I was still editing the script sat in a café round the corner from the venue the day before the wedding in between dropping off the cake and drinks and favours, the Nintendo switch, picking my dress up etc! But Louisa absolutely nailed it! She put together a service about Marvin and I and our love for music, films, training (running), cocktails, and travel. She did it to music clips and was making a cocktail as she went along. It sounds completely random but it was so much fun. I think it brought everyone together and showed them how we’d met and come together and grown together. Everyone loved it and Louisa stayed with us for food and she was milling about with the guests all night. she was an absolute pleasure to work with we will never forget all the laughter she brought to the day.We loved receiving a copy of our service to keep and people still talk about how mcuh fun that part of the day was.As a person, Lousia is a pleasure to work with and is a true expert at her craft. She is colourful and vibrant and a would be a superb addition to anyone’s special day. Thank you so much 🙂 xxx

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