“Onie was the celebrant for our wedding and family ceremony. We had a rough idea of the kind of ceremony we wanted, but no idea how to make it happen or even what to include in it. We knew that we wanted to celebrate our connections to each other as a family, and Ed and I wanted to celebrate our connection to each other through marriage (we had completed the legal ceremony the day before). We also wanted to weave through the ceremony a celebration of our connection to the earth. Onie spent time with us beforehand ensuring that she was tuned into our thinking and used her intuition, gentleness and inherent kindness to help guide us and shape our ceremony into something wonderful. She was creative whilst also fully respecting our ideas and values. Her ideas were very respectful and very much in accordance with our family and what was important to us.On the day, she held space for us in the most lovely way that I could ever have imagined. She helped out with what needed to be done as well as holding our ceremony for us. It felt very much like she was the thread that was holding, and weaving all of the pieces of what we wanted together to create a magical and memorable day for us. It was a unique day and everyone who attended spoke afterwards about the peaceful energy of the ceremony and how much they enjoyed it – it was totally unique. Onie was a very important person in helping create this and holding it for us. We will remember it forever.”

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