Mega late review…

Well it’s a late review and we couldn’t feel worse as Louisa was beyond amazing, beyond our expectations despite meeting her numerous times before and just an incredible celebrant. The day didn’t go to plan with our outside wedding on account of the rain however Lousia completely straightened out the ceremony and the plan b arrangements… So a celebrant who can overcome the weather is certainly worth it. Completely what we wanted. Louisa kept the communication between us in the run up to wedding and kept us calm throughout the event… All we can say is that is entirely what we wanted. We are so happy and grateful for Louisa. Outstanding and sorry again for the late review! (moved house, jobs and a new dog… Sorry louisa!)

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  1. Anonymous on 10/09/2020 at 4:34 am

    Thank you Sean and Jessica! Better late than never hey? It was indeed very cosy in the yurts but it was great fun and you both looked so happy too! Lovely to hear from you and hope catch you in the future!

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