We got married in August 2019 and both myself and partner were looking for someone to officiate our mixed heritage wedding. We wanted to include our own vows, and above all celebrate our individual cultures and keep the wedding informal and personable.Pam is from a Punjabi Sikh background and was keen that Sikh elements were included and that the ceremony was inclusive for her family. I am from Yorkshire and wanted my background reflected too.With literally 3 weeks notice, Jas confirmed the date, spent hours with us personally and then communicated via Face Time getting to know what me and my partner are all about. Jas wrote a beautiful heartfelt ceremony that included everything we wanted and much more. Speaking in Punjabi and English, she ensured that all relatives felt involved.She included Sikh readings and punjabi quotes that meant a lot to Pam.Jas went above and beyond to help on other matters such as DJ, seating and even a last minute rehearsal etc etc… Thanks again Jas, our ceremony was outstanding and you are brilliant at what you do. We both would highly recommend Jas if you are a mixed couple looking to celebrate your backgrounds as one. Thank you Jas.

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