Alison, it was truly a pleasure to meet you on Monday, as you had made me feel so comfortable in preparing for the Service, taking away so much of the stress, and replacing it with a little laughter!Your advice and understanding, led to a short, beautifully delivered and compassionate Service- thank you.I couldn’t have asked for more.The care and kindness shown to our small gathering, was commented on by all who attended. The sun was out and you shone through!☀️Alison, sometimes people come into our lives for a brief time for all different reasons- but only a few leave a lasting impression.An impression of kindness, compassion, humility and laughter- this is you!The bound copy of Service was very much appreciated and thoughtful, as it will give me chance to hopefully sit quietly and reflect.I thank you again from the bottom of my heart ❣, and I wish you good health, happiness and fulfilment in all of your life’s dreams and wishes.With love and fond wishes,Stephanie x

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