Thank you so much for the lovely service at my brother, Johnny’s funeral. Together, we got him to a ‘T’. I have gone back to Yorkshire, and am reflecting over the past few weeks. You made it so much easier for us to manage this sad occasion; thank you for all your help and kindness. Also for the card and poem you sent us. I have been reading the full service keepsake copy that you kindly gave Janet and I. It’s such a lovely thing that we can read it and look back on the words of the ceremony. It’s also a way for our family to treasure the fond memory of our free-spirited brother. Janet and I went back to Wapping on Wednesday, to walk around and remember our childhood. I placed one of the stones from the service at St. Patrick’s Church, where we all went to school. I’m sure that would make him laugh, and I’m sure he would find something to say about that. I’m so glad we met you. His funeral was everything we wanted for Johnny. With warmest regards, Peter and family

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