FUNERAL/FAREWELL CEREMONY at Clandon Wood. I was overwhelmed by the care, love and respect Helen showed, not only towards the person we’d lost, but also to all of us left behind. Her presence from the moment we arrived – when she greeted each of us individually – as well as throughout the ceremony, was so very comforting. Whilst the ceremony was, by request, non-religious in content, Helen – knowing the two families came from different religious backgrounds – included little touches and gestures that would be meaningful to both, albeit in an unobvious and subtle way. In doing so, she brought everyone together as one. I cannot imagine anyone more perfect or lovelier than Helen to guide us through what could so easily have been a very sad and depressing day, and yet which she helped transform into such a happy day, with her lovely smile, lightness of spirit, humour, grace and warmth. It was quite the most beautiful and personal ceremony I have ever attended, bar none. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. I find it hard to believe we could have been in safer and more loving hands than in hers. Thank you, Helen. You are the best. Love Bryony xx

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