our ceremony exceeded all our expectations of a wedding service could be, especially for second-timers, with adult children to consider and other issues in the mix. You were absolutely brilliant in every way. Right from day one and until the very last moment at the kirk, you kept us straight, you got all the right information out of us and most importantly you together all our random thoughts and feelings into a beautiful coherent and truly meaningful service for us. Very clever! I know that everyone in the congregation felt the same, and I think you must have noticed all the over-emotional ‘lairds’ dabbing at their eyes discreetly with their less inhibited wives fast funning out of tissues (so I’m told!). A brilliant result in my book. We have had so many compliments on the ceremony itself that I shall gather up some of the quotes for you from the letters we have received, as I think you should benefit from their lovely comments too. Thank you thank you Fan, really so truly I can’t over emphasise how delighted we both were with the results and it was all down to you.

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