When we started to plan our wedding – a relaxed, barefoot on a Kenyan beach vibe we both knew we didn’t want a traditional religious service but something meaningful and personal to us. And we wanted to write our own vows but frankly didn’t know where to start! Luckily just at that time Fan was recommended to us through our friendship network. We met up for an informal lunch and had a wonderful hour or so chatting over our story and what we wanted and from there Fan wrote the most delightful service for us and guided us to how to approach and write our vows. It was a moving moment to hear each other’s vows for the first time on our wedding day. Sadly we couldn’t magic Fan out to Kenya with us but she was there in spirit with us and we luckily found a charming priest there who was happy to read and conduct our bespoke, non religious service for us. If you are even considering making your wedding day more personal to you, I highly recommend you have a chat with the lovely Fan. She is a joy and we highly recommend her wonderful services – to have had her actually there conducting our service would have been the extra sparkle on the icing of the cake! She is heaven. Hugest heartfelt thank you, Fan

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