We were originally going to arrive in New York from the UK for a simple elopement ceremony at City Hall. But then 22 family and friends wanted to join us so we changed location and decided on Central Park. But then who to officiate? When you’re living in the UK, and you’re organising a wedding in New York with only email and the internet to help you, you need to get it right. Jackie’s name kept coming up on search results, and the reviews of her work as an officiant on other weddings made her the obvious choice. Communication was key and it was amazing how she picked up on so much of the real us from the information in exchange of emails. I can wholly recommend Jackie for her professionalism and communication, and for providing us with many memories of such a special day. Her words drew tears from not only us, but may of our guests. And she knew how to put us at ease, and guide us through what can be a very emotional day.

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