Everyone who came to our wedding will remember the wonderful Jane Moseley, who was our civil celebrant for the day.I wanted to say a big public thank you to Jane, who turned what was going to be a garbled, less meaningful ceremony for our wedding into ONE OF THE MOST special memories we will ever have.She worked with us and guided us to put together a wonderful, memorable handfasting service accompanied by a very special naming ceremony; allowing us to present baby Niamh to the world and to ask everyone to become a part of her life too.We are so lucky to have so many wonderful caring people we can call friends; and there was something magical about having Jane, helping us to bring together people from all areas of our lives.She helped us every step, with vows, giving our histories and keeping it flowing and entertaining!Jane, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have the hand fastening ribbons and certificate ready to mount on the walls in our home forever.

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