So, if you have read, DIY Wedding Planning, Our Story on Wedding Espresso you’ll know we got married in a Humanist Ceremony in beautiful Inverness.Humanist Wedding Ceremonies are legal in Scotland and we decided it was for us because the ceremony can be heavily personalised and unique.We didn’t know a thing about Humanism before deciding on Scotland for our Wedding.Fast forward almost 5 years and we now have a 6 month old son called Xander. He’s the most AWESOMEST little dude.We’re not very religious so we decided to go down the Humanist Naming Ceremony route because we wanted to celebrate his arrival a very personal way.I asked our Celebrant Wedding Espresso friends via Twitter but they didn’t know anyone in our area so a Google Search came up with Humanist UK and through there we found the lovely Lisa :)Lisa then arranged to visit us to get to know us. The result was a highly unique and perfect script! We only added to it with a few personalised readings.Lisa was also full of ideas for mementos of the day and we fixed on paper airplanes that our guests could write on. It definitely got everyone’s grey matter working!We are so glad we went back down the Humanist route for our boy’s Naming Day. Such a special day, such fabulous memories

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