I was extremely impressed with Nathalie! Arranging a wedding in France from USA without knowing a single person is challenging but Laura made it soooooo easy. First she speaks excellent English. Second, she gave me excellent recommendations for hairstylist and professional make-up artists (remember I didn’t know anyone). Third, her communication via e-mail during the ENTIRE process was SUPERB! She maintained perfect communication with me from booking to end. Fourth, Nathalie was extremely accommodating she knew it was a special day for me so she provided a lot of tips, suggestions, agreed to my exact desired location, pose, view I wanted to capture, etc. and Finally, Nathalie is naturally a very happy person, always smiling, gave me a big hug when we first met (which meant a lot because I was nervous). Beautiful person inside and outside. I love the wedding certificate she provides at the end of the ceremony. I have it framed and it sits beautifully posted next to all of my gorgeous wedding photos . I am very fortunate to have found Nathalie. If marriage was not only for once in a lifetime ….I would use her again 🙂 Thanks Nathalie!!!

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