Hi Sarah,I am sending this email to you to thank you for the beautiful and respectful way that you conducted mum’s service on Monday.As soon as we met you, we felt comfortable with you and your compassion and empathy shone through. You offered advice where needed, without being pushy and listened to us talk about our beloved mum and took everything we said on board. I remember saying to you about my dad’s service being quite awful and your reply was to say that mum’s wouldn’t be, and you were so right. Mum’s service was filled with the love that everyone has for her, and with the sorrow that she has left us, something that none of us wanted to happen. It was personal, had some humour and also had some wonderful memories of the times we spent with mum over the years. You brought everything together so well, and showed such compassion to mum and us throughout the service, that I thank you. I thank you for making such a difficult time easier and that little knowing smile as you turned on the soundtrack of Sex Bomb, was beautiful!Thanks again and my best wishes.

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