We were so pleased that we chose Jeannene to be our celebrant for our blessing. When we went to meet her for the first time, we didn’t know what to expect and were nervous about the meeting. When we met Jeannene, those nerves disappeared, she quickly put us at ease, she was caring, enthusiastic, and really took the time to get to know both of us. We really felt that she was passionate about making our day special.With her experience, Jeannene got us to think about other elements of our ceremony and what we wanted our message to be. She guided us through every element of the ceremony and helped to explain some of the legal processes behind our wedding, which we hadn’t looked at too much at that point. After the meeting, Jeanenne sent us detailed notes of everything we discussed and helped to remind and prompt us about decisions that we needed to make, which made sure that everything ran smoothly. We corresponded through emails to help craft the content and structure of our ceremony, Jeannene’s resources were a great help and she greatly improved the flow of what we had provided her for our story.Before our ceremony, we met with Jeannene again to go through a run-through of the ceremony. Again, Jeannene was excited to go through this with us, and she really helped us nail down the finer details of the ceremony – for example. which side we’d be standing on or what part of our entrance music the bridesmaids would walk down the aisle.On the day, Jeannene captivated our guests, she spoke loud and clear and brought our story to life. She managed to juggle emotions during the ceremony, offering guests a moment to reflect on loved ones before reminding everyone that this was a happy day, and then later in the ceremony the guests were laughing with us. After the ceremony had taken place, so many of our guests told us how fantastic Jeannene was. It was also the little touches that impressed us, for the ceremony, she had placed water hidden from the guests but in easy reach of us – just in case we needed it.Jeannene has the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness. We will always make a point of recommending her to our friends. We felt so reassured on the day, we knew we were in good hands and that while other elements of planning a wedding were stressful, we knew we had nothing to worry about with Jeannene on board.

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