A couple of weeks ago Sarah delivered a celebration for our daughter Katie who died 26 years ago at 23 months of age. Regardless of the distance of time since we lost Katie, the emotions are still real and to undertake a task as we were wanting would be such a delicate and sensitive thing for us to do. Sarah’s role in assisting us with this and meeting our expectations would be huge.Talking in depth about Katie can be both lovely and painful at the same time. Sarah came into our home and from the off we felt comfortable and completely relaxed, totally at ease and knew at once she was the person to help take us through our special day. In my opening words for our ceremony, I thanked Sarah and I also explained that the day she visited our home she encouraged an atmosphere that supported not only thoughts and memories of Katie but contemplation on who she may have been. This was not sad it was amazingly positive and therapeutic.The actual ceremony was delivered beautifully, it was obvious just how much Sarah had heard of what we had said when she visited as she spoke of Katie just as she was; Sarah had totally got her personality and character. Our celebration was bespoke and perfect. We always felt guided but also always in total control. There were over 80 people in the room, at least 20 children; everyone was riveted and totally engaged. The feedback from people about the whole day was special and heart-warming. People were impressed with Sarah and her appreciation and application of her role within.I couldn’t have wished for anyone else other Sarah; having met her I wouldn’t have wanted or allowed anyone else to have done this honour for our little girl.Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sarah for making this day so perfect and being so professional and considerate throughout!Lynn xx

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