What can we say about Claire that hasn’t already probably been said? Here countless awards and mentions speak for themselves! From the very first moment we spoke to Claire she was so engaging, personal and friendly. We had never been to or even heard of a humanist wedding before but knew we wanted to get married outside in an unlicensed location so we stumbled upon Creating Ceremony whilst googling alternatives – and what a result that was! The first meeting getting to know Claire and what a celebrant is all about was brilliant and exciting, our initial meeting was about an hour and we spent so much of that just talking like we had known her for years it was as if an old friend had come round for a cup of tea. When Claire left with a no pressure “have a think and a chat and let me know if you would like to book, I’ll pencil your date in for the next couple of weeks until you’ve decided” we had both decided before she left that Claire would be the one to marry us. It was the best decision we could have possibly made, she really does make the ceremony (and the day) personal and tailored. All of our guests absolutely loved her and the ceremony she had written for us. People thought she had known us all of our lives! But behind the scenes, she had been an immense help. From the moment we booked her she had sent us ideas and helpful guides to discuss and think about, any bump or hiccup we arrived at she was there for suggestions or just as a sounding board. She supported us throughout the entire process. The first draft of her ceremony had us choked up in our living room as she read it out, she is so good at what she does that this first draft was practically the final one too! Helping with advice, writing tips and mind frames when it came to writing our vows was invaluable. More for me than my new Wife (these things come easier to others!) I spent countless hours trying to get something I was happy with on paper until I contacted Claire with my frustrations, she calmly offered some wise advice and tips of how best to approach it, sent me a couple of guides and examples for inspiration and offered a phone call or skype session if needed. This lead to me getting closer and closer, with her honest feedback and support I had reached the vows I was finally happy with. I could not have done it without her. Claire was such a massive part of our day and always will be. She is cemented in our history and we adore her unendingly. We hope to keep in touch with her for ever! Not booking Claire would be the worst mistake anybody could make. She is inevitable.

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