We first saw Carol Late last year at another wedding venue, and we were very impressed with her array of wedding itinerary, and we were most impressed with the hand fasting ceremony that she could conducted during our wedding.

We had several conversations either in person, through Watts App or through facetime discussing what we wanted and how we wanted it delivered. She was very professional and had many ideas which would help organise our ceremony and to make it how we wanted it. Carol understood we wanted our day to be quite unique and she helped us tweak our vows so it would be perfect on the day. She has a fountain of knowledge and had a very charming and most importantly calming manner to herself.

She helped to put us on ease during the big day especially my partner Lisa who suffers with anxiety and made her feel calm and relaxed before walking down the aisle.

Carol made us a keep’s sake box which had the hand fastening ribbon, vows and the celebrant certificate. This was a nice touch and showed the dedication and expertness she puts into her work, when she is collaborating with couples.

We highly recommend Carol as a celebrant, and she would make sure that she created the perfect wedding day for you and your partner.

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Carol Cranfield