We really did enjoy our ceremony so much. The trouble that you went to to write such a personalised ceremony made it all the more special for us. Tom and I were very nervous about having the commitment ceremony and we are people who are not overtly romantic or overly emotional about sharing our feelings. However, you captured our sentiments exactly in the ceremony. The information about family and the realities of what true love are really sums our relationship up. We loved your suggestion of the Apache and thought that was a great way to finish our ceremony.However, it was on the day before that we really realised how important it was to think of everything in the ceremony. Your experience really came through here, highlighting how important it was for me to walk down a longer aisle, thinking about how my father and I would walk, where our guests would sit, how I would pass my flowers over – all things I would not have thought about at all and probably fumbled my way through had you not provided any guidance.On the day, you took the time to pop up to check how we were doing in order to consider the best time to seat the guests and you were calm and reassuring whenever you spoke to us.However, the best feedback was from our guests who said it was one of the nicest ceremonies they had been to and that you delivered it perfectly, with a clear by compassionate voice.This really was the most special of days and it was made even more so by the absolutely beautiful, well considered and thorough service that you provided for us. Tom’s Uncle filmed the ceremony and we watched it back a couple of days ago. It really was the best memento we have of the day and made even more impact watching it after, in the calm and comfort of our home.

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